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The Flood Information found on the Property Profile Report within is provided by third parties and is presumed reliable, but not warranted, guaranteed or verified. The valuation, sale or purchase of a home should not be contingent on any information provided in this report. For the most up-to-date flood information, it is suggested that users order a Flood Determination.
REIData Inc., in conjunction with Stewart Mortgage Information produces the highest resolution flood hazard analysis in the industry. The digital database contains the flood zone status of over 125 million properties within the United States, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Our experienced staff researches the status of properties not included in the database using our extensive library of Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) paper maps, the basis for all flood hazard designations.

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The Flood Zone Determination is not a written, expressed or implied guarantee or warranty of the subject property’s location relating to a Special Flood Hazard Area. It may not be relied upon in determining the value of a property or when making a purchase decision
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